Just a quick blog to let everyone know that we’ve been working like busy bees trying to get all our belongings taken care of and getting all our gear together.

Here is a picture of the highly successful tag sale at Peter’s:

IMG_2422Material possessions certainly have a way of multiplying! It was off to the storage locker – happily with a view of the Great Swamp in Wingdale.

We were in need of a very pricey kayak rack that could carry our kayaks vertically from our Sprinter hitch. Peter and his friend John, both Princeton engineers decided that they could make one at a fraction of the cost. Eureka – it works! There will be further iterations to allow for more kayaks, but this will be our model for the first leg of the trip for 6-8 weeks. It holds two kayaks and at least one bicycle, probably two.

DSCN1588 DSCN1600                                   Kayak rack design –  patent pending

We also had to purchase various gear such as new seat backs and knee pads for two of our fleet of four Perception Swifty/Sport kayaks. Our costliest purchase was a DeLorme Inreach Explorer GPS and Satellite SOS device. It will allow us to have contact wherever there is sky access for when our cell phones are useless.  I had thought of it as a safety precaution for us, but have since realized that the benefit also rests with two-way communication for 90 year old mom emergencies and of course our collective five children.


We will soon, I hope, have a map up on our blog that will show our progress.  The GPS will “ping” every so often and update our map! It’ll answer that famous question, “I wonder where Peter and Diana are now?”

We’re off to Indiana for the National Insulator Show starting on Thursday of this week (we’ll leave Wednesday). Then we’ll paddle in Illinois on our way to the Aquabound factory in Wisconsin.  We’ll have a tour of the factory on Monday (can’t wait!), and paddle in the afternoon.  We’ll head west to Colorado, paddling convenient states on the way – haven’t chosen our route just yet.  From Colorado, we’ll head up to Washington state to pick up my daughter, Claire, who will be joining us for a few days of paddling. We’ll meander up into British Columbia in the company of our friends Christian and Jen.

We plan on being back in the NY area around mid to late September and enjoying the fall in New England, then south and southwest for the winter months.  Plans are flexible! After all, we’re retired!