Bend, Oregon: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We’re in Bend! Our plans meandered to the west as we came to grips with the fact that the wide-spread drought conditions in most of the US have left the rivers unhappily low. Our hopes to paddle in the southern states in the fall/early winter followed by the south western states evaporated, but we flowed into Bend where Peter and I have been considering moving after our Kayak 50 quest.

We rented a wonderful apartment in Tumalo, an area north of Bend. This is our incredible view:dscn4582-2

Two of the Sisters, extinct volcanoes, as seen from our balcony
Two of the Sisters, extinct volcanoes, as seen from our balcony (zoomed in)

Bend has a huge ski resort, Mt. Bachelor (9,068 feet),  that is filling up nicely with snow at 94 inches – 7.8 feet! Peter will soon check it out. A big snow storm last week left about a foot of snow where we are in the high desert – very unusual for this area where most of the moisture falls on the mountains. They effectively help contain and define the moisture laden coastal area of Oregon, known locally as “the valley.” This high desert has the advantage of sunny/partly sunny (300) days, with out all the rain and dampness of the coastal areas. Compared to New York, there are much milder winter temperatures that dance around freezing for a month or so and then warm up into the higher 30’s and 40’s starting around mid-January.

We recently spent a few days with Claire for our early Christmas with her in Portland. It was great to watch Scrooged, exchange gifts, and feast on great food. What a heart-warming delight! img_2057The drive (about 4 hours) was a real treat too, filled with snowy desert and the mists of the Columbia River Gorge.

Mount Hood seen from 197 about 40 miles as the crow flies
Mount Hood seen from  route 197 about 40 miles as the crow flies
Misty morning driving east on the Columbia River Gorge
Misty morning driving east on the Columbia River Gorge

We’ve also spent quite a bit of time looking at homes and land in the area, especially Sisters, a small community a bit further north of sisters_origwhere we’re staying. It’s lovely and quaint. While the quest for a new home can be quite wearying, it’s also exciting to imagine a new life. We’ve already had  a fun preview while attending a Christmas party given by the local kayaking group. It’s great to know we have a place to share our passion! Looking forward to checking out a Sister’s church for Christmas Eve.

Our hearts reach out for our loved ones at Christmas, those with us and those who have crossed over into another life, united in love. Sending you love and thanks for reading our blog and coming along on our Kayak 50 adventure! Wishing you a…..merry-christmas


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  1. 2 crossings of paths:. An old friend recently sent me pictures of the heavy snow in the Sisters. She was hiking from a hut, I believe on the western slope. She lives in Salem, which gets no snow (lots of rain), but is only an hour’s drive away from the Sisters.
    A few years back, I camped at the State Park near Ohiopyle. I had brought my canoe and bicycle, planning to shuttle on rail -trail and paddle the stretch you did (I planned to take out before the falls). Too much rain, I visited Falling Water (FLW). Got lots of great pictures, including the falls and white water kayakers. Shared some with Beth Herr (she visited there with Ralph this past summer). Small world, with so much to do and places to explore. – Dod

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