State 25 of 50: Tennessee – Little River


Sweet smell of the Little
Date Paddled: May 20, 2017
Nearest City: Maryville
Put-In: Route 411
Take-Out: Alcoa City water facility
Duration: 4 hours
River Miles: 8.5
Shuttle: easy roads ~ 6 miles
Weather: sunny to partly cloudy 80+
Difficulty: quickwater, steady current, class I
Cfs: 274

The sweet smell of privet lined the Little River. While an invasive plant, there’s nothing inherently wrong with that wonderful smell. As we paddled along, the Little was a cornucopia of live with osprey, bluebird, kingfisher, wood ducks, mallards, cardinals, robins, swallows, herons, three types of turtles, and a water snake all enlivening the journey.DSCN6536Beautiful outcroppings of rock provided sharp contrast to the dreamy green of trees and water.DSCN5807┬áThe great blue heron had nested above the river – unusual for a bird that generally builds in community. Our presence kept off the parent, but not for long as we slid under and downstream.DSCN5793Sometimes a paddle is wonderful for so many reasons, the color of the water, the fun rapids, the cliffs, remoteness, and so many others. The Little was a paddle filled with small details that added up to a big paddle!DSCN6514



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