State 26 of 50: West Virginia – South Branch Potomac River

Called “The Trough,” hugged by mountains, filled with wildlife
Date Paddled: May 24, 2017
Nearest City: Moorefield
Put-In: Clover Road
Take-Out: Trough General Store
Duration: 2.5 hours
River Miles: ~8
Shuttle: 6 miles, 2 of them gravel
Weather: cloudy, low ceiling, 63
Difficulty: some class I rapids, calm stretches
Cfs: 120

Somehow a name like “The Trough” doesn’t inspire me with much enthusiasm. Images of mud-filled waters and breeding mosquitoes filled my mind even as the verdant hills rose in protest. Slipping our kayaks into the water dispelled any disparaging thoughts.
The gentle current allowed for lots of time to see and hear the many birds, fish, turtles, and deer that made this paradise their home.  Four eagles, two pileated woodpeckers, mergansers, four heron, kingfisher, cormorant, many sandpiper-types, cardinals, blue jays, grackles, yellow throat,  to name a few of the bird family!

We also came across a deer enjoying a mid-day snack who seemed quite undisturbed at our presence.DSCN5882Interestingly, we saw no signs of beaver here. This is quite unusual and left us puzzled as this seemed a wonderful habitat for them.

DSCN6573No muddy thoughts left in this Eden of beauty!


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