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Diana has been an avid kayaker since 2004. She started out as a dedicated swamp rat, flatwater, contemplative paddler, and slowly added other aspects to her kayaking primarily in regards to white water and year-round adventuring.

Kayaks on the Move

Our vision for this blog is as a place to share our kayaking adventures. Generally, it’s myself, Diana and Peter who will contribute on a regular basis (at least weekly is our goal). We are often joined in our kayaking adventures by our friend, Christian, and occasionally by other friends/grown children.  Our focus is on rivers – from flat water to white water class III. We use short, flat water kayaks because we find them ideal for this cross-over class of adventure.

We’re all pretty obsessed with being on the water although we have our different areas of interest.  I like taking photos and videos,  Peter loves the action of white water and Christian is an avid fisherman. We kayak year-round and all live  within 60 miles of New York City. Besides New York  (especially the Adirondacks), we range into all of New England, Pennsylvania, and forays out west. Feel free to leave comments or questions. We’re happy you found us!